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6 February 2019

New Moon and Chinese New Year Coincide - What's The Message?
We are in the Chinese year of the Pig. Pig welcomes luck, take your time, happiness and all that good stuff...

22 January 2019

Mother-Sister Full Moon Message to You About The Divine Feminine
Photo by Jake Hills-36605-Unsplash - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 20 January 2019
When I went to look at the night sky on 20 January 2019 well before the full lunar eclipse began, I was amazed at its clarity. The stars were sparkling and bright…in a light grey sky where normally the stars do not stand out but they were and did!!! and there she was in all her shining glory.

1 January 2019

Reap Fruits of Your Labour in 2019

2018 has closed on all that we know. Some good terrible bad and indifferent. For others, much was good terribly bad and little left them indifferent. I was in the latter category❣️

12 December 2018

Shamanic Tarot Card Reading Anyone?

6 December 2018


22 November 2018

My Thanks Giving in Sharing...Me

hello people! i may be shutting down this blog.... i want to focus on something new and different than what i now have on Stand UP...For What You Believe.  that is still in its embryonic stage. my new business on Facebook Intuitive Catalyst-Conduit meditation journeys to identify your soul's

4 October 2018

Who Am I Now, Today?

I write and blog because I can't help it! Talking about life and living and everything in between, I call it everyday spirituality. I created that term years ago when I first began blogging, just to be different LOL and it fits more than ever. I have a thing for dragons and now that I have found a cache of beauty-full work, more is on its way here...

13 September 2018

Anything You Want You Can Have: Claim It!

plan your goals 
visualise your objectives 

11 September 2018

Video: Keep Taking The Next Steps

When you're knocked on your arse, you must re-centre, ground, solidify yourself by going within to stillness (meditation) to sup from the cup of your inner wisdom - your Higher Self - the real you... 

30 August 2018

7 Ways You Discover Your Soul's Desires and Change Your Life.

24 August 2018

My Love Verses To The World - Streaming Truth
Photo by Seth Macey 396196 - Unsplash
I have been off the blogging scene for a long time! Very busy setting up a business, including on Facebook, as an Intuitive Catalyst-Conduit among other things. What, you say?! I work internationally though presently based in Trinidad. 

5-Star Reviews in multiples of ten say it all from serious people determined to upgrade their lives and make a difference in their world. About Me

14 April 2018

Upliftment! Read The Signs About - Women and Friday 13th
Photo by Katherine Hanlon 594109, Unsplash
yes. it has been a while hasn't it. i never get this right. mind usually way out there then i gotta play catchup and what's that this time? well it's about us women and the "dreaded" Friday 13th which is total bullshit of  course.

Reading  Read the signs  gave me the idea for this post about and for women. i have already used a few images below as background for  marketing my book on FB and elsewhere "Being With What Can Be: My Inner Child Expresses".

as i learnt from various sources confirming what i instinctively knew long ago once i started paying attention, there is nothing unlucky about the number 13 or Friday 13th!

27 November 2017

Women Are Natural Leaders: Recognise and Acknowledge Her Worth

Women’s Qualities

This was first published on Arianna Huffington's (yes, I'm name-dropping) new Thrive site  Women Run This) and is actually a follow-up to my post Victimisation Disempowers Women with similar statistics. I wasn't quite ready after working on it all day and night so I shouldn't have submitted it then but I felt excited and pressured, they accepted it, but on the re-read I noticed some "amateurishness", cringed, and experienced too much hassle afterward in modification, so I decided to post a sexied up version here.

Women. These magnificent, misunderstood (mainly by men), wondrous, beauty-full and contradictory human beings, are deliberately targeted, willfully bruised and battered, raped daily and become statistics, murdered in so-called “crimes of passion”, receive less pay than their similarly qualified male counterparts, face daily dis-respect, feel obliged to tolerate harassment of every kind in order to keep a job and be able to eat, and have their clitoris severed with razor blades against their will in adherence with tribal customs.

26 October 2017

Life Poetry - Being With What Can Be: My Inner Child Expresses

14 August 2017

Emancipation: Black People -The Most Beauty-full Race - Igbo female (Nigeria) 
I want to talk about our blackness. Emancipation was 1 August. I know. It has been quite a while since I connected. So much is happening that I hope to eventually share. 

In 1797, Trinidad was captured by the British and the ongoing European slave trade brought many Africans to toil on the islands plantations in both Trinidad and Tobago, not yet one unified state. 

6 July 2017

Spotlight The Shadows Causing Disharmony In Your Life and Set Them Free

Children are impressionable emotion filled little beings. Whatever marks them emotionally leaves an indelible stain on their psyches.

29 June 2017

Truth About Rituals Coffee House: Customer Service & Trinidad and Tobago
Apparently, Mario Sabga-Aboud, touting the Syrian-Lebanese community as the most influential in the country to visiting chef journalist Anthony Bourdain has set the cat among the pigeons. He said he was accused of being insensitive and irresponsible. Bullshit!

I did not see the interview nor read anything about it as I have more important matters facing me like making an income, having a safe roof over my head and mundane things like eating and clothing and respect, y'know.

8 June 2017

Homage to Psalm Isadora: Personification of the Sacred Feminine
Photograph taken by Dirk van der Made,

i discovered end may 2017 that psalm isadora died 27 march 2017. she killed herself. it was such a surprise ...i remember signing up for a free vid session with her early march, like many others. 

4 May 2017

The Freedom We All Seek Is Downstream - Go With The Flow - Don't Fight It!
Life is what you make it. What you feel - your emotions - brings you exactly that. You don't like something, bitching whining about it? You're in fact asking for more shit. 

24 March 2017

Your Personal Power Is What Makes You Who You Are - Stop Giving It Away!
Atom gladiolus,
I came across Netflix' "Iron Fist" recently and was hooked. I love action movies and this martial arts movie had genuine martial artists who were good actors. I didn't even know it was a series until the second episode cycled in. Loved it and will re-watch it from time to time. It was that good!


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